Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is a book for Superman!

So, my last post was rather confusing to most people what with its dork jargon and all, so I thought I'd talk about something we all have some history with...the holidays.
My wife is going to NY for the holidays to spend with her family, while I hold down the fort at home and spend the holidays with mine. So, my mother-in-law sent me some presents in the mail to be opened before Jennica leaves. I opened them tonight.
Inside the mailed package were many wrapped goodies; some traditional fare that I look forward to getting every year: new socks, some deodorant, a toothbrush, Ronco spray-on hair, gum, mints...err--waitaminute...

Anyway, the new BIG present this year was this:

This looks like a job for Batman!

Yeah, that's a DC comics pop-up book for kidults like myself. It has pop-up pages within pop-up pages within pop-up pages and a Bat Signal(c) that lights up. It has pop-up Wonder Woman. The final pop-up in the book is an ensemble cast of well known and obscure DC characters that rises off the page 12 inches. It rules.
The only downside? It's like 10 inches thick, so
when I carry it around I look really tiny. A small price to pay for such awesomeness.

Thanks Momma Cathy!

All the pop-ups are even illustrated on the back as well as the front. And, yeah, that Bat-mobile transforms as you open the mini-page it's on.